Our Services

Service 1

Personal Course B1 /B2

writing for your mind

Let`s come together! For more fun and more experience in business writing!

Do you want to write a slogan for your business? Do you want to be a great performer in your own business? Let´s have a little intensive course for your success!

Service 2

Personal Course A1 /A2

Handcraft and learning more

Hey, your first level is coming! Let´s think with our hands! We do creative handcraft and open our minds for a new culture and a new business and a new language. Let´s start now!

Service 3

Personal Course C1

Baking your next level

It´s a high level! So, we can bake our best cakes and cookies! We like good and healthy food. We can talk about baking and we create very special and individual good afternoon highlights in the highest level! Only for you! Because you`re the best!